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When you're busy moving back in on the first day of school, it's easy to forget a few details, like what you'll wear to bed. Just order Alpha Gamma Delta Pajamas, Towels & Robes from Greek Gear for fast shipping to your dorm.

Be the type of college girl who won't leave her dorm room without wearing para -- even when you're just wearing your 'jamas. Wear the Alpha Gamma Delta Fleece Lounger whenever you're making your rounds around the dorm at night. It's so cozy in the fall that you can fall asleep just about anywhere -- even when you're tucked into a corner of a sofa watching reruns with friends in the common room.

After the week is done, your assignments are all submitted and you're looking forward to a weekend full of streaming movies, put on your Patch Seal Bathrobe. It gets that name because there's a circle-shaped seal on the left hand side that features an Alpha Gam rose and sorority info. It comes in red, tan, white and a few other shades.

You can't find pre-made Alpha Gamma Delta Pajamas, Towels & Robes in most regular stores, but luckily Greek Gear has you covered. Place your order early in August before you head back to campus.