Alpha Eta Rho Polos & OxfordsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

As an Alpha Eta Rho member, everyone expects you to be on your Ps and Qs at all times, and also to look well put-together when you're hosting high-profile events. We make that easy, providing you with a convenient online shopping experience that includes top quality polos and oxfords for fraternity members. We take care of the tops, you pair them with your favorite bottoms (khakis, slacks, and other classic fraternity pants or shorts).

It doesn't matter if you're going to a state fraternity meeting or a pizza party in the common area of your dorm, you'll fit right in when wearing the AIR Classic Oxford. It looks nice at the start of the day when you're just heading out, and still well-worn when you finally step back into your dorm after hours or classes and meetings. It's available in white as shown, yellow, black, burgundy, and few other appealing shades.

The Greek Letter Electrify Polo is a short-sleeved shirt that has a classic, relaxed fit. It is the semi-formal shirt you'll want to wear when overseeing community service initiatives in warm weather. Most of these polos and oxfords are unisex for men and women in your aviation organization -- just order the size that you feel will fit best.

Your membership in Alpha Eta Rho will always be a big deal -- especially when you find yourself in the company of other aviation professionals in the future. These polos and oxfords can be dry cleaned and worn again repeatedly for many years. A smart investment!