Alpha Eta Rho Mugs, Cups & GlassesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

If your aim is to find the best quality Alpha Eta Rho merchandise to order online, consider your mission accomplished. At Greek Gear, we list primo, first-rate paraphernalia for the members of your national aviation fraternity, including customizable mugs, cups and glasses.

Certain beverages belong in and certain types of cups. For example, you just can't drink coffee out of a disposable red cup or cheap glass. That's why you need a sturdy, everyday white mug, but it should be one that you will really get attached to. The Alpha Eta Rho crest coffee mug is just what you need. If you really take your morning cup of joe seriously, upgrade to the Greek Bistro Mug. Both choices allow you to add your name or a custom phrase, such as "since 1929," your founding year.

What do you have on your dorm desk, holding your pens and pencils at the moment? Choose a mug that will add a little class to the joint, like the Alpha Eta Rho Ceramic Stein. Line the bottom with a piece of cloth and store your favorite writing tools inside.

Be a pioneer of your chapter -- be the first to order the entire set of mugs and glasses made for Alpha Eta Rho members at Greek Gear. Make sure you label each one with your name or another identifying piece of info so that they'll stay a part of your para collection for a lifetime!