Alpha Eta Rho Merchandise and GiftsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

There are several occasions that would prompt you to want to order Greek Merchandise and Gifts for your Alpha Eta Rho friend or family member. Think birthdays, graduations, holidays, and initiation date anniversaries.

Make us your first and only stop for quality Greek lettered para like the umbrella for AIR members. Its wide arch will help ensure that your recipient's outfit stays dry no matter how hard it's raining. Clearly, as future leader in aviation, he or she is going to be taking plenty of plane trips, which is why it makes sense to order a few Leatherette Luggage Tags as gifts.

When your Alpha Eta Rho student is flying high in flight-training classes, it would be good to have a Messenger Briefcase to carry his textbooks and training materials. Details of every new lesson learned can be summarized in a portfolio for members of the organization. He or she will keep that journal for reference throughout school and beyond. The mark of a great gift is one that is preserved for years and can be pulled out at any time to enjoy some good memories.

If you know an Alpha Eta Rho member with ambitions of becoming an aviation professional, one way to support their dreams is to support their fraternal membership. Order useful, sought-after merchandise and gifts from Greek Gear today!