Alpha Eta Rho Hats & VisorsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

So, what are you wearing on your head to school these days? Surely not the same worn down, tattered wool cap or baseball cap you wore in high school. Don't you think it's time for an upgrade? Especially now that you are a proud member of Alpha Eta Rho aviation fraternity.

Start off the semester by wearing the Greek Letter Visor on the first day of classes. Depending on where you attend school, it'll probably still be pretty hot outside. We'll embroider your letters in the color you prefer, whether it is black, yellow/gold, or red. It also doubles as a hat that you can wear when playing golf with your buddies to shield your eyeline from the sun.

Have you been invited out to an airfield for a special event or air show on the weekend? The Double Greek Trucker Cap is a great hat to wear when you're looking up at the sky. In the fall and winter seasons, pair the Big Letter Skull Cap with your favorite scarf to enjoy the festivities in comfort.

Get everyone in your chapter on board for a bulk order of these popular and well-brimmed hats for Alpha Eta Rho members. We look forward to meeting all of your needs when it comes to wearable Greek paraphernalia!