Our customers count on us to provide them with quality Greek Gear that they can wear in all seasons. That includes Alpha Epsilon Pi Jackets and Outerwear for the fall and the winter.
Every time you head outside on a windy day, you'll be glad you have the Anorak Jacket to take along with you. It's a jacket that combines high level weather protection with lightweight fabrication and good looks. We have one that's blue with a gold stripe at the center that's perfect for the men of AEPi. This fraternity jacket will protect you in windy weather and the rain.
When the months of December and January roll around, you'll appreciate the added protection of the Challenger Jacket. It's filled with poly material, and covered with a nylon shell. Select the jacket color (both royal blue and gold are available for you to choose). For a reasonable rush fee, you can have your jacket produced in about 2 to 3 days.
If your plan is to place an order for a group of new initiates to your chapter, check each product page to see if quantity discounts will apply. Alpha Epsilon Pi Jackets and Outerwear are highly cherished and practical gifts.

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