Alpha Epsilon Pi Bags, Briefcases & TotesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

The type of bag that you choose to buy depends on a number of factors -- size, convenience and organization are just a few. You'll find one that meets all your needs in our selection of Alpha Epsilon Pi Bags, Briefcases and Totes.
The Crest Briefcase Attache will quickly become your favorite bag when you see how convenient it is, and how easily you can compartmentalize your belongings. It's like walking around with a portable file cabinet. Put your file folders at the back, larger electronics at the center and small effects at the front.
If you're still an underclassman, get the Alpha Epsilon Pi Backpack so that you can keep your hands free while rushing off to your required classes. It comes in blue with a black bottom panel. The Cofa is featured on the front (or the back depending on your perspective). Add a cinch sack to your shopping bag as well if you plan to participate in athletics or have a regular workout schedule.
The majority of our Alpha Epsilon Pi Bags, Briefcases and Totes are labeled with your Cofa (coat of arms) so it's clear that the owner is a member of one of the most distinguished fraternal organizations in the world. Place your order today!