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You and your Alpha Delta Pi sisters can save a lot of time and money by shopping for the Greek Gear you need from this choice of Easy to Order Made Fast Items. Products range from car merchandise to stationery you can use at your desk.

If you're a driver, don't let another day go by without you ordering an Alpha Delta Pi License Plate Frame. It's designed to surround your state-issued plate with your sorority letters and name. Add a Long Window Decal Sticker to the inside of your back window and everyone who pulls up to your bumper will know exactly what organization you're proud to be a part of.

Buy a couple of ADPi Tervis Tumblers to keep in your dorm room and you probably won't have to make too many trips to the kitchen in your house. It's a strong plastic cup that's decorated with an image of Alphie the Lion alongside your letters. All of the aforementioned items can be produced and shipped relatively fast to your college address.

You'll have an excuse to wear, use and show off your Alpha Delta Pi para every day when you buy Easy to Order Made Fast Items from Greek Gear. Be sure to view our "Awesome Deals" section also before checking out.

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