Alpha Chi Omega Car Merchandise & License PlatesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Ride everywhere you go in scarlet red and olive green Alpha Chi Omega style when you buy Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames from Greek Gear. Each of these items has an element of your sorority incorporated into the design.

Most of the items you'll find for sale here are pre-designed and ready to buy, but a few give you the option to add your own personal touch. For instance, one of the A Chi License Plate frames we sell gives you to option to add the top and bottom text. You can copy and paste in your Greek letters or spell out a short phrase, like "Lifetime Opportunities" or "Seek the Heights."

Another customizable product is the pair of sorority car mats that we sell for members. There's a red and green image of the Alpha Chi seal at the center and a space at the bottom for up to two lines of text. This is another opportunity to be creative with your message -- you might include the name that you've given your car or the nickname given by your sisters when you first became a member.

Even if your vehicle is used or pre-owned, decorate it with bright and colorful Alpha Chi Omega Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames and it will feel brand new.