Alpha Omicron Pi Jackets & CoatsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Seasons change and so should your jackets and coats every once in a while. If it's about that time, check out our Alpha Omicron Pi Jackets and Outerwear.

When raindrops are falling on your head while you're out camping with your friends, just pull the hood up on the AOII Pack-N-Go Pullover and continue your fun. It's made of a wind and water resistant fabric that will help keep you drive. The large front pocket on this jacket has more of a purpose than just holding your keys and cellphone -- it's also designed to pack the entire jacket inside.

Present yourself like the serious chapter board member you are by wearing the AOPi Crest Blazer to your next public event. It's a figure fitting gray suit jacket for women that will look perfect with a matching gray skirt or pleated pants. To distinguish it as a sorority blazer, there's a crest patch next to the left lapel. We also have button down Oxford shirts that you can wear under this blazer to important sorority meetings.

Explore our exciting and extensive catalog of Alpha Omicron Pi Jackets and Outerwear choices that includes vests, anoraks and running jackets. Also see our recreational section, which includes AOII umbrellas and other weather-specific items.