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They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but a picture placed in one of these Alpha Kappa Alpha Picture Frames is actually worth about 1908 words. Frame your unforgettable sorority memories in a pink and green keepsake from Greek Gear.

Bring back the true art and meaning of picture taking by featuring your best shots publicly in a special frame, like the Quatrefoil Picture Frame. It's a green frame with a distinctive pattern and pink lettering in a fun font. This is a nice frame for your latest group chapter photo. If you have a picture from your latest step show, feature the team in a "Sisters Forever" Mascot Color Picture Frame. It can be personalized with "1st Place" or the date of the show.

People love getting picture frames as gifts when they contain a picture that means a lot to them. Choose the classic wooden frame to feature a special photo of your AKA sister or relative that she really adores. Engrave it with her name or nickname given by the chapter.

For many of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Picture Frames in this section if you buy in bulk you save. This is the perfect excuse to fill one of the walls in your dorm room at school with AKA memories.

*Buyer acknowledges and agrees that he/she is purchasing paraphernalia and other goods (collectively Goods) that bears Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (Sorority) logos, copyrights and trademarks for a member of the Sorority. Buyer understands that a non-member is not supposed to own or possess such items, and agrees that Sorority retains all rights and ownership in the underlying Goods that bear Sorority logos, copyrights and trademarks. Thus, such Goods may not be resold by Buyer directly, on-line via a third-party (including but not limited to ebay.com, amazon.com, etsy.com, etc.) or by any other means. Any attempt to do so will result in the forfeiture of the Buyer’s right to possess the Goods, the immediate vesting of the Sorority’s right to possess the Goods, and the subsequent surrender of the Goods to the Sorority.

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