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You never quite know just how important it is to own some sorority Buttons and Pins until you have a high profile regional or state Alpha Kappa Alpha event to attend. Get what you'll likely need now.

You may be overwhelmed by the choices of AKA sorority pins at your fingertips when you shop at, but one pin is certain to stand out for you immediately. For instance, the Ivy Leaf Pin is a classic choice of members -- it's shaped like a green ivy leaf and is adorned with images of 20 pearls along with your letters. The Enamel Pin is a more official style that would normally be worn at a regional meeting or Boule.

The Skee-Wee Pin is a high demand item, displaying your beloved sorority call in attractive script lettering. We even have a few items that really show you pay attention to detail when wearing your Greek paraphernalia. There's an AKA Zipper Pull that you can attach to your sorority jacket.

You'll find a full selection of pretty pink and green Alpha Kappa Alpha Buttons, Pins & Magnets in this section for you to wear and display in your dorm throughout your time as a member in college.

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