Alpha Gamma Delta SportswearThe Greatest Selection. Period.

If you're tired of working out in an old worn out tee and shorts that permanently smell like yoga mats, upgrade your gear with our Alpha Gamma Delta Sportswear. The collection of sorority sports clothing includes sweatpants, spandex and running tops.

Physical activity is a must when you're away at college. You need to keep your energy up for all those classes, lectures and sorority meetings, and stave off the "freshman 15." Motivate yourself by hanging a pair of Heart Banner Capri workout pants and a Lettered Ladies Tank Top on the back of your dorm room door. It's a perfect outfit for just about any exercise routine you might have in mind.

Love sports? Put on the Lettered Raglan Shirt, grab a bat and ball and head out to the park with a few of your best friends to hit a few fly balls into the outer field. This classic shirt is designed just like the ones worn at intramural softball games. And if you plan to sit in the stands instead of playing this fall season, buy yourself a Game Day Monogram or Chevron Jersey for Alpha Gams in red or mint green.

Whether you play an official sport at school or you just like to kick a ball around from time to time with your Alpha Gamma Delta sorority sisters, check out our Sportswear options today.