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Get ahead of the game by ordering your Alpha Delta Pi Formal and Party Favors well in advance this year. We provide you with plenty of options to personalize and customize your favors to fit your vision for the event.

It's a must that you end the night of every informal event you throw by giving everyone special gifts. They bought tickets, chose dates, got dressed up and came out to support your cause. Take the time out to create a memorable and unique item, like a Design Your Own 14 oz Collectors Glass with an outline of Alphie the Lion on the front in blue ink. Create a catch phrase or event title to include along with your image.

Let everyone in attendance know that they are a VIP by giving them each an exclusive Short Sleeve T-Shirt that was designed just for the event. Create a custom graphic that incorporates your sorority symbols in various shades of blue. You can add images and text on both the front and back of the shirt if you'd like. And more great news: bulk orders get bulk pricing.

When you start to hear the rave reviews about your event, you'll be glad you invested in Alpha Delta Pi Formal and Party Favors. Time to get started planning the next one!

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