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Before you finish up your back to school clothes shopping adventures, venture to Greek Gear for Alpha Delta Pi Lettered Twill Clothes. The probability that you'll be inspired to place an order for new sorority clothing today is very high.

Ring in a new school year by buying brand-new Greek clothing, like the Jumbo Twill Hooded Sweatshirt. This is a relatively new item that features letters that over 6 inches tall. When you're in the dining hall meeting with your chapter sisters, there is no question which group you are a part of. If you prefer the classic letter size of four letters, get the Custom Twill Hooded Sweatshirt instead.

Potential interests will see you coming from a mile away when you're wearing the Greek Letter American Flag Long Sleeve Tee on Memorial Day. The letters are perfectly patterned with blue and white stars and red and white stripes as a node to the country's flag. There's also a funky Lettered Tie-Dye T-Shirt that might transport you to the time when your grandparents reigned on your college campus.

We're the premier provider of quality Greek para for Alpha Delta Pi members and that includes Lettered Twill Clothes. Be sure to also see our polos, oxfords and blazers for sorority members.

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