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DISCOUNT-Greek Crest - Shield Cap - ONLY $14.99!
4.76 star rating17 reviews
Fraternity & Sorority World Famous Greek Hat - $18
4.86 star rating22 reviews
Sometimes at, we do what are called "product shots" and create customized one-off items for specific groups. This page is dedicated to Super SALE Hats & Visors -- it's a special promotion to sell off our remaining stock of these highly customized products. The price per hat is as low as $5 or $6 for some styles.

You never know what great hats we'll have for display in this section -- the organizations range from Alpha to Omega. Popular hats that have and will appear here include the standard Lettered Hat with Greek letters threaded in the color of your choice, Line Hats with your letters and full fraternity or sorority name separated by a straight line and the Greek Crest Cap, which simply features an image of your fraternal crest or coat of arms.

Most of the hats we sell are baseball caps, but you might even find some other hat styles like the Skull or Beanie cap (great for icy winter weather) or the Greek visor, which shields your face from the sun's rays and can be tightened for a perfect fit in the back. The visor is ideal for ladies who like to wear ponytails while running or enjoying fun in the sun.

Where else can you get a Super Hat at a Super discounted price? Search this Greek Gear page of Hats & Visors on Sale to find out if we currently have something in stock for your fraternity or sorority. Just check the "Group" drop down box on each product page. Keep this section bookmarked and come back often, as it is frequently updated. Remember that these are one-of-a-kind offerings, so once they're gone, they're gone. Order while they last!