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Sorority Paddles! Wood engraved Sorority Paddles and full color Sorority Paddles.

Some of the most coveted pieces of paraphernalia in our catalog are Sorority Paddles in different sizes, colors, and styles. Larger Sorority Paddles are the central part of most shrines, and can be hung on the wall for decoration. The smaller sorority paddles can be hung on the rearview mirror of your car or placed on a rope necklace to wear at Greek life events.


We have an amazing selection of sorority paddles in stock, including the gigantic 2 � foot long wooden paddle that really shows how much love you have for your org! There is also a cute polka dot sorority paddle that can be decorated with your sorority�s colors and symbols. All of our sorority paddles have unique personalization options for you to choose from. You simply can�t go wrong with a sorority paddle as a gift for your chapter sister or sorority spec (special interest)!

Sorority Paddles

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Sorority Paddles