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Greek Sweatshirts, Greek Hoodies, & Greek Crew Neck Sweatshirts

Everybody's favorite place for fraternity and sorority sweatshirts and Greek-letter hoodies is Greek Gear. That's because our premium-quality fraternity and sorority collections are stylish and sturdy to look great for years to come.

Find your favorite look in Greek-letter applique twill sweatshirts for men and women. Show your pride in a Greek hoodie in a pullover or zippered style. Our bubble twill letters sorority sweatshirts are favorite big sister and little sister gifts. Buy one for mom. Relax after a day at class, Greek style.

What you've heard is true: Our Greek-lettered hoodie is the most wanted item on the GreekGear.com menu. Our loyal fans have made this our top-selling item for the last 10 years and counting. What's the secret to its evergreen popularity? For starters, it's got classic sorority and fraternity twill lettering, which you can customize with two different colors. You can also order a matching shirt or further customize the hoodie with your Greek group's crest.

Our Vintage Tail Greek Hoodie uses an Old School calligraphy-inspired font. Our Script Jet Greek Hoodie is inscribed in playful script with your sorority or fraternity's name and its founding date.

Brothers love the rugged good looks of our crewneck sweatshirts in contemporary and vintage designs. They're great Father's Day gifts, too. Sisters give us rave reviews for the elegant craftsmanship of our embroidered sorority crewneck long-sleeve sweatshirts. Shop our shirts by sorority or fraternity name. Shop by styles.

Here's how you can customize your look. Select your favorite style, and then select the color for your apparel, border and letters. You can also add your house crest for a signature look. Browse all warm weather Greek tees and flip-flops, too, because spring break can't come soon enough

Greek Sweatshirts - Sweatshirts are great!

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Greek Sweatshirts - Sweatshirts are great!