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Extra pair of sneakers? Check. Flip flops? Check? Hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants? Check? Change of clothes for school after your workout? Got that too. Now what are you going to pack them all in? Get yourself one of these Fraternity or Sorority Sport Bags.

If you're a student athlete in college, you know how busy life can get. You need a bag that you can just stuff and go. A cinch sack with drawstrings is the perfect solution -- just pack as many things as you need inside, tie it up and toss it over your shoulder. We have one adorned with a Greek Crest and another with Twill Greek letters applied to the front. There's also a Design Your Own (DYO) option.

The classic bag for athletes who play team sports is the Greek Duffle Bag. You can carry it by hand or toss it across your torso. You can fill it with your sneakers, change of clothes, hat, running jacket and more. It's the ideal bag to have on you if you ride your bike to practice. This fun and practical sorority bag is embroidered with your letters in the color of your choice.

We are happy to offer our athletic customers this selection of Sorority Sport Bags. They come in handy when you need to rush out for a quick workout or make it to practice on time. Some items allow you to add a line of personalization, such as a name or jersey number.

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Greek Crest Cinch Sack
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